A Twitter Convention Observed

Introduction and Allegro

If you are familiar with my presence on Twitter (@philhart) you may have observed that I tweet on a range of subjects including Australian politics (#auspol), education (#edchat), mathematics (#mathchat) and security (#security), and I will sometimes tweet public replies with the intention of amusing the recipient. I have noticed that some people follow me for obvious reasons (they are educators, for example) and others for no reason that I can discern (but that is their privilege). Of particular note is people who add me to a special list on the basis of what seems to be a single tweet, with mathematics seeming to be the main cause for this. The risk that such people run is that they may be deluged by my tweets on other topics. To that end, I have abandoned convention and now commence my tweets with the relevant hashtags, leaving the content to follow, this with the hope that readers will know what I am tweeting about before having to read it all. I have noticed that some other people are doing the same thing. In light of this, I ask the following question:

Is it a practice that you agree with?

Is it a practice that you think should be promoted?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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