I spend some of my time teaching, and the rest of it running my own computer consultancy. My students range from youngsters of 14 to people in their 70s. The subjects are a bit of a mixed bag: adult basic literacy and numeracy, information technology, and mathematics.

I am interested in empowering others, following developments in I.T, and 3-dimensional modelling. If you are interested in helping the team that is building the onlineĀ  dictionary of e-learning jargon, please let me know: %%wpcontactform%%

I live with my wife on a 10 hectare block in the hills east of Perth, along with two cats, a dog, three chickens (all of them completely mad) and two ducks and this drake:
Tarquin the drake

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Why do you continuously post “coffee” on your twitter account? Is it some inside joke? Fans of the CAA (Colonial Athletic Association, a group of 12 colleges in the eastern US) get daily updates that you are drinking coffee. What does CAA refer to in Australia? I am seeking to understand.

  2. Hello Dan.

    To answer your question, it started as a jest between another tweeple and myself: he and I are both lovers of coffee. He, like me, sends out his coffee tweet every (his Texan) morning, and we are both inclined to send out evening tweets about burgundy/liquor/beer-o’clock/etc.

    As for #caa, it started life as #CoffeeAddictsAnonymous, also part of the joke, since broadcasting it like that is hardly anonymity.

    #caa is far from unique: the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the Canadian Automobile Association come immediately to mind.


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