The Sue Waters Injury Sweepstake

An Apology to Sue

This post, and its link to a Google Docs page, all started with my gently teasing Sue about her being prone to accidents: perhaps we should run a sweepstake on it. She then went public on it, much to my astonishment, and I found myself in a position of having to prepare a sweepstake, and what is more to make it public.

A Situation Rich With Possibilities

As I write this post, there is a riot of questions all vying for my attention. Here are a few of them:

  • How can I make it fun for everybody?
  • How can I stop the Google document being wrecked?
  • Will it even work?

Well, there is nothing for it but to dive in and try it.

Sue’s Recent Mishaps (The Ones She’s Admitting To)

People entering the sweepstake will of course want to “study form” before “placing their bets”, so I include here two images, supplied by Sue, of her two most recent “incidents”:

x-ray of hand

x-ray of hand

A Sore Foot

A Sore Foot

You can read Sue’s stories about these mishaps at along with a collection of pictures at (And “… my story remains that the concrete pillar was driving on the wrong side of the road!” sounds very unlikely to me, Sue!)

Placing Your Bets

You can enter the sweepstake by going to You will need a Google identity before you can change it, though.

It all meant to be a bit of harmless fun: read the “Rules” at the top of the document 🙂 .

Spread the word about this!

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