Maths from a Picture

The inspiration for this post comes from Brian Marks (Twitter: @Yummymath, web site with this tweet:
It seemed to me fairly easy to use that picture as a basis for writing a number of maths related questions, so I produced this document in Google drive. It has 13 questions related directly to the picture, and another 23 questions which use that picture as a starting point. The questions are in no particular order, and cover a broad range of topics and levels. While that document is a response to the question posed, I would hesitate to give it to any but the most competent and confident student of maths at year 11 or 12 level. It also goes well outside the area of pure mathematics, and provides some support in the area of physics. Having said that, it may provide an idea or two to anybody who cares to read it.

I would be very interested to hear your comments.

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