Why Use Skype

Why Use Skype?

I use Skype as a low cost video-phone.

My partner and I use it to chat with our very dear friends in England about once a fortnight. Being as it uses the Internet, and our friends are also using Skype, it costs us nothing. The cost of making an ordinary telephone call instead just does not bear thinking about.

I sometimes use Skype to call my business colleagues overseas. None of them are using Skype, and so it does have a small cost, but it is a lot cheaper than using Australia’s national telco. Some of my clients also use it for the same reason.

Oh, and you can also use it to send SMSs.

You would expect any good telephone system to have a conference call facility. Well, yes Skype supports that as well. (Though being as there are two of us in this room when we make conference calls, and neither of us likes wearing headsets, it can make for some interesting feedback problems.)

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